Things to do before you paint the house

When you are going to paint the house

It is a job that needs to be done eventually and it is one that you want to get done right the first time One because you don’t want to have to do it again and secondly if it is not done right the first time then it can cause bigger problems further down the track.

So here is a brief explanation of what you should consider when repainting the house.

Paint one side at a time

It does not matter if you choose to start with a short-or long side, just make sure the paint finish one page at a time. Do not hold on and paint a little bit in different areas, it just gets uneven and unstructured.


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Prepare before

Make sure to have developed some tools, brushes, ladders and scaffolding you need before you start painting.

Think of the facade

Look up what kind of house facades you have. It is important to check the condition of the façade, the surface you paint on must be fully and firmly. If you have a plastered, you need to use for example a KC-colour with the same binder as the plaster. Using the wrong colour can end up all over the plaster from its backing.

GUIDE: Painting the house – step by step

We have gathered all the tips and guides you need to repaint the house. Learn how to do step by step below.

Step 1 – Examine

The first step before you must repaint the facade is to examine it. To begin with, one can clear away any vegetation adjacent to the facade. Admittedly, it may be fine with plants right at the corner, but be aware that when you water the plants watering also facade. When the entire facade is visible it is important to carefully look for damage. If you are lucky, you can discover a future moisture damage before the damage becomes too severe.


Step 2 – The right colour and brushes

Have you previously painted on the house so there is often what kind of paint you used in the past, but if it’s your first time to paint the house, it can be difficult to know. By going to a paint store with a coupon so they can help you see what kind of paint used in the past and what kind of colour suits to paint with. Not to forget is also the brushes, something that people often skimp. Good brushes are extremely important both for profit and working hours. Even here there are different brushes for different purposes. Did you know that you should not use a regular facade brush to Falun Red?

Step 3 – Clean and paint

Soon it’s time to paint the facade, but not yet. First step is to wash and scrape the panel so it is a clean and solid surface to paint on. Do not forget to oil the end grain, which is where 80 percent of the water uptake occurs. Then after a thorough masking of the windows and yourself it’s finally time to paint the facade.

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